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 Mainly used for feed pellet cooling, to cool the feed pellet with temperature 70℃-90℃ to less than room temperature by 3℃-5℃, and decrease the feed pellet moisture into safty level, after cooling, feed pellet's hardness reinforced and avoid  rot, and more, it is for convenience of transportation and storage. 


 Obvious effect of cooling. 

 Adopt the principle of counter-flow cooling to cool down high temperature and high moisture pellet, to avoid crack caused by encounter cold air and hot material, so it can avoid the crack of pellet surface, at same time, due to the airlock in-feeding, and big volume of air in-feeding, it has remarkable cooling effect. 


 Stable operation 

 stable movement, reliable and less remains. 

 Cooling chamber are octagon, discharging bin are Arc angle around corner , to reduce residues 

 Adopt advanced mechanical level indicator, high automation. 

Top part of cooler and airlock are stainless steel made, long life service. 

Below are models of cooler for choosing: 


Coolingtime: 8-15min

Material temperature after cooling: less than room temperature by  3℃-5℃

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