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High efficiency double shaft Mixer
  • High efficiency double shaft Mixer

High efficiency double shaft Mixer

High efficiency double shaft Mixer

Double shaft paddler rotor, spraying system at top ( incl. piping and nozzle), suitable for varied light and heavy raw material mixing, increase the liquid's spraying effect to avoid bridge-proof. 

Big bottom discharging door open, rapid discharging, less residue, good sealing and without leaking. 

Widely used for feed, cereal, food, chemical, medication, pesticide industries for mixing of powder, granular, slice shape of raw material.


Short mixing period (45-60 seconds), high mixing evenness, normally 45-120seconds adjustable, CV≤5% 

Easy for cleaning and maintenance 

Below are models of mixer for choosing: 

Main power 5.51518.52237
CV≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% 

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