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Rotary screener
  • Rotary screener
  • Rotary screener
  • Rotary screener

Rotary screener

Rotary screener

SFJH series rotary screener mainly used for selecting qualified pellet after pelleting and cooling process of pelleting line, and screen out the unqualified small pellet or mash and reclaim back to re-pelleting,  or re-crush the big size of particles by crumbler, this is last process of auxilary equipment for pelleting line. 

This machine used for screening pellet or crumbler's material for second circle crushing process and other pellet or mash cleaning or sifting process. small vibration, low noise. Primary belt drive, simple and reliable, screen press structure is simple and easy for maintenance. Advanced tail elastic Support can back up balance of screener body, reduce noise, improve sifting ability. Outlet adopt streamline design to greatly reduce the material residues and avoid cross contamination. Double layers or triple layers are optional. 


New design of structure 

New type of driving box structure, adopt thickening NSK bearing, belt driving, load balancing, low noise, advanced tail elastic Support, less vibration.

Humanization design;

Easy for changing screen, reinforced, increased height of machine base, machine operation stable, customized design, single, double, triple layers are optional 


Below are models of rotary screener for choosing: 

Model Capacity (T/H)Power(KW)

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